Q: What is a mystery room?

A: a mystery room is a combination of an escape room and a role playing game, essentially you are entering a game room. In our game room you will become part of a story and you need to complete a mission of sorts. There will be hidden objects and clues throughout the room that you will need to find and piece together to help you complete your objective. Each one of our rooms has a different challenge, please check out our home page to find the current themes. Throughout the rooms we also have brain teasers, puzzles, and more for you to solve. To add to all of this excitement our game rooms are timed, you will have 60 minutes to solve your objective.

Q: How challenging is the game?

A: That is subjective, some parts of the game room will be easy like finding objects than other parts like solving a puzzle to unlock a box may be more challenging that is why it’s a great group activity because one person may be great at opening a Japanese puzzle box and another can crack a code to unlock an alpha lock and some people sit back and laugh at their friends frantically trying to beat the time.

Q: Do most people beat the time?

A: Some do and some don’t, it is meant to be challenging enough that not everyone can do it within the hour, winning is fun but if it was too easy, it wouldn’t be as much fun, I promise.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?

A: No, We provide everything you’ll need to play!

Q: Can I bring my child or is there an age requirement?

A: Yes, we have a family friendly Halloween Treasure Hunt for elementary school aged children and up. We also have a horror themed teen to adult Halloween experience with live actors. Contact us with any questions vie email info@providencemysteryroom.com or by phone 401-944-8871.

Q: Do you have off street parking?

A: Yes, we have a large lit free parking lot in the rear of building and note our entrance is also at the rear of building

Q: I have a mobility disability, does your building have accessibility?

A: Yes, our side entrance has a ramp and there is an elevator inside, we are on the 2nd floor. If for any reason the side door is locked please contact us at 401-944-8871.

Q: Are we going to be playing the same game with strangers?

A: Possibly, we do have the bookings open until the last ticket for that time is purchased so if you have 4 people in a 10 person max room it is possible that people you don’t know could purchase the other 6 tickets…….It’s a great way to meet other people and you might make new friends!

Q: Do I HAVE to play with strangers?

A: No, Contact us via email at info@providencemysteryroom.com or by phone 401-944-8871 and we can make your room private. (must book a minimum of 4 people) 

Q: Do you have any discounts?

A: Active Military & Veterans, Seniors and Current Students receive a 15% Discount with proper ID. (enter promo code: DISCOUNT at checkout)

Q: I have a promo code but it isn’t working, what do I do?

A: Contact us via email, phone or on Facebook messaging and we will help you.

Q: I don’t have a credit card, can I pay with cash?

A: Yes, you can pay with cash when you arrive but unfortunately we can not hold a spot in advance without a credit card purchase.

Q: If our party is late, can we still play?

A: As someone who is late for everything, I feel for you…..Our games start like a show time so if you had an 8:00 pm booking and it’s 8:15 pm then the game started without you but you can jump right in, we don’t refuse late patrons but you can’t get the whole hour back.

Q: We bought tickets online but changed our mind, can we be refunded?

A: You can cancel your tickets if it is within 48 hours of your game time, if it is closer then we will try to reschedule you as long as you are rescheduling within the same week.

Q: We bought tickets online but missed our game time, can we get a refund?

A: No, if you are a no-show, you cannot get a refund because it wasn’t within 48 hours but if we have any later openings for the same day we will accommodate you but you must contact us.

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates

A: Yes, they can be purchased in person at our front desk

Q: Do you serve food and drink?

A: No, we are strictly entertainment only but there are a ton of restaurants in the area.

Q: Can we bring in food and alcohol?

A: We cannot have any alcohol on the premises and we ask that you not bring in outside food, bottled water is allowed.

Q: Do you ever refuse patrons?

A: Since this is a fun night time entertainment it’s common for people to have had a few drinks before coming but if you are inebriated we will not let you in for the safety of our other patrons, our staff and the game is just way too hard to play if you are inebriated, we’ve thoroughly tested this theory 😉