Welcome to Providence Mystery Room

We offer interactive game rooms similar to the popular escape rooms but we are NOT an escape room. In our rooms, you will become part of a story and will need to complete a mission. You may need to solve a murder, find a missing will or unmask a double agent. Throughout the room there will be hidden objects, riddles, puzzles, and more for you to solve. To add to all of this excitement our game rooms are timed, you will have 60 minutes to solve your objective.

This is perfect for team building, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties or just a fun time out. Bring your family, friends, coworkers or whoever and let’s bring a little mystery to Providence.

Murder at the Speakeasy

You’ve just taken a step back into time and walked into Prohibition era Providence. You approach the Golden Lion Club, a hot speakeasy with the best drinks in town to watch their star, Trixie Valentine sing only to find out she’s been murdered. The Boss wants you to find out who did it, pronto. Trust me you don’t want to see him angry. You have an hour before the cops arrive to avenge her death and make him happy. (This room can hold up to 12 people)

Unfortunately the same week as our new theme opened, we were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and I am not taking any bookings at this time….Please follow the CDC suggestion and follow social distancing so we can flatten the curve and hopefully get back to our normal lives…..stay healthy everyone